1. Ramen ( by  Jon Siegel)

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  3. My new toy is finally here! 😍#sony#a5000#onlyboughtitbecauseitswhite#work


  4. two wolves.


    i’ve been thinking about this story that my yoga teacher told us in class last week.
    A grandfather is explaining to his grandson about the internal battles that every person will face in their life.
    He says that there are two wolves inside each one of us. One wolf is evil – full of anger, jealousy, regret, greed, and arrogance…
    the other wolf is good – filled with love, peace, forgiveness, humility…
    so the boy asks, “which wolf will win?”
    & the wise man replies, “the one you feed.”

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    Possibly the best GoT cast photo I’ve found yet.

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

    Films I am super excited for this year.

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    Saskia de Brauw in Dior Haute Couture by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany November 2012

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    Tuileries Garden, Paris (by Olivier Guilmin)

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  11. The aftermath…#boilingcrab#foodadventures#davis#somanyshrimpheads

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